Never Deal With A Stuck Pool Cleaner Again


The Main Drain Clip-On

Automatic pool cleaners sometimes get "stuck" on the pool main drain. Our device prevents the pool cleaner from getting "stuck". We offer an effective and inexpensive solution to this commonly occurring main drain pool problem.

Main Drain Clip-On, LLC has developed a simple "clip" that gets between the pool cleaner and the drain cover and prevents the pool cleaner from getting "stuck". Our clips fit most 8 inch main drain covers used in residential pools today. One of the most effective pool tools available, this device is inexpensive and is easy to install without getting into the water (feet dry).

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Never Get Stuck Again

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We at Main Drain Clip-On are proud of our commitment to service while providing effective swimming pool maintenance solutions. Please check our FAQ and VIDEO page for detailed information about our product, the installation process, and answers to frequently asked questions.

"Main Drain Clip-On" device description:

  • Designed to clip onto the existing main drain cover without removing the drain cover from the pool.
  • This device is made of a translucent, UV resistant, durable plastic and blends with any pool color scheme.
  • The Main Drain Clip-On floats so it easily retrieved.
  • It conveniently clips onto most main drain covers used in residential pools.
  • Using the installation tool, the device can be quickly and conveniently installed from the side of the pool, without getting into the water (feet dry).

Find The Right Clip For Your Drain

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Suction Cleaner
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Robotic Cleaner
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  • D1 Small
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  • D1 Modified
  • D1 Extended6.5 inch
  • D1 Extended8 inch
  • D1 Extended10 inch
  • D2
  • D2 Modified
  • OtherSDX main drain cover
    SORRY we do not have clips to fit this drain civer

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